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You know what made you to reach where you are today. But, have you ever thought of what’s the best next to you?

Self Branding...

I BRAND ... THREFORE I AM... - Inspired by Rene Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum

In the ever-changing and hyper-competitive global market, Self Branding has become a sine qua non... Be the first ones to join ‘The Few’.

iProfile is at your disposal to let others know how unique you are!!! It can give you an exclusive face to you in the web world with your own personalization and style. It can draw ‘wows’ from people you respect. Thus, no professionals should go without branding themselves in today’s digital society.


In todays digital society, it is increditbly important for all the proffessionals to brand themselves. Drawing ‘wows’ from the people around you is equally important to establish a legacy. List the best branded people in your industry, how far are you to reach the list?


How can your resume distinguish from others’ matters… rather than following a conventional method of submitting an 8 paged resume, your employer is just a click away to view your profile. A genuine job search takes an average of 8 months and only 20% of the resumes are being calleed for an interview. 75% of the job openings are not published and an average 125 resumes are submitted for a position published.


Self-branding is highly demanded by this decade, and, get pre-populated before you feel to do so. Being a suit doesn’t make an executive, instead; your knowledge, experience and profile. A stunning profile adds value to what you are, and iProfile does ‘wows’ for you through the unique and stunning personalized website. Remember, only a 7% of the executives have a personal website and join ‘the few ‘today…


Tancredi Di Paola

Student, Director & Filmmaker

Glory Xavier

Providing exceptional Financial Guidance in Dubai,U.A.E,Middle East & Africa

Kara Silverman

In short? Kara is a communications, media relations, and events…

Brittany Gilman

Everyone talks about social media – how they use it,…

John Chrisohara

Through coaching I help others fulfill their potential.