Brittany Gilman

Everyone talks about social media – how they use it, how they don’t, the impact it’s made on their lives and the manner in which it’s affected the way we communicate or how companies sell. Well, I “live” it – I’ve immersed myself in the social media space and know how to design, create, author and manage social media campaigns and initiatives on behalf of companies looking to stay connected to their consumers and relevant within the market.

Indeed, the social media market is exciting and ever-changing. What’s hot today may not be tomorrow. Knowing where the market is, and where it is going, is essential to success in utilizing this marketing & communication tool. Thus, I’ve focused my career in the digital & social media realm –as well as in advertising, marketing and public relations– in order to have a well-rounded approach to delivering captivating messages that showcase a brand’s personality and builds connections amongst the community. Keen attention to tonality and consistent campaign management is what has enabled my success in building and maintaining various strategies and campaigns.

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  • YEAR 2015
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